University of the District of Columbia Anthropology 3th Amendment & Slavery Questions

In looking back over our topics covered so far, one thing becomes very clear : the human species has survived on this planet for millions of Years, and our most direct ancestors being at least 2 250,000 in the past. Yet in the more recent 6000 years, the Cro-Magnon (Indo-European) type of homo sapiens (human species) have moved aggressively across the earth, invading native indigenous peoples, warring against them, stealing land, stealing people, placing them in bondage (Chattel slavery), committing genocide. Douglas Blackman has documented this tragic history in an award-winning book entitled. Slavery by Another Name, the Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. It was also made into a powerful video documentary by the same name. You can see that document (Slavery By Another Name) free on PBS. Just Google the name of it. Watch the full documentary and then reflect on these questions .Write down your responses.

1. Did the 13th Amendment to the U.S Constitution free Black people held as slaves?

2. The documentary and the book start with the story of Green Cottenham., Who supposedly was free and disappeared in 1908. What happened to him ?

3. Where were the mines and what kind of mines that Black men were sent in what the author calls industrial slavery? And what charges did they lodge against him?

4. How did white landowners and former slave masters collaborate with local law officials to Treat and charge him?

5. In one part of the documentary a white woman talks about how the men in her family history were proudly called self-made men. What did she learn and what was her reaction?

6. What was peonage and how did it work to keep Blacks in slavery?

7. Today. The effects of the corona virus, covid-19, have exposed and laid bare the immense inequities and disparities that still exist for Black and Brown peoples today, in all areas health (the percentages who died in this virus), housing (as In New York), employment, etc.). Do you think the U.S. will change for the better after this? Why or why not?


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