University of California Los Angeles What is Transactional Communication Essay

Choose one topic and read materials, I got one sample article as a reference

Concept paper 1 approved topics:

  • Communication as systemic (existing within preexisting webs of meaning).
  • Transactional approach to communication
  • “The medium is the message.” Media affordance.
  • Hegemony

write a 400-600 word paper discussing it in greater depth.

After writing a concept paper, should be able to:

  • Define and explain a communication concept in their own words.
  • Provide an accurate example of the concept.
  • Discuss an example in terms of the concept well.
  • Appropriately link their concept discussion to relevant class materials.

Requirements and format

Concept. You should spend a paragraph defining the concept. We’re looking for how well you understand the concept and can explain it in your own words. Do not use definitions and examples provided in lecture or the readings. I don’t need to reread what I said. This is about you generating accurate definitions and examples on your own.

Example. Next you should spend a paragraph applying the concept to an example. This should be an example you find, not a personal example. Why? External examples require more thought and deliberation You need to find a good example that fits the concept. You are graded both on the quality of the example (how much it is a good fit for the concept) and on your discussion (how well you explain the relationship between the concept and the example). A good paragraph here moves in two directions. The example clarifies the concept and the concept clarifies what’s happening in the example.

Course link. With the conceptual work done, you can now spend a paragraph situating the concept in relationship to another course concept. How you do this is up to you. You can show how the concept is similar to another one discussed. You could point to some specific reading passages that reinforce and extend your example from the previous section.

Conclusion. Since this is an essay, you should include a few sentences winding down the essay and reinforcing the key themes.

References. If you cited any sources, please list them at the end. APA format is preferred. You can always look at Purdue’s reliable OWL site for guidance on citation practices.

A note about word count. 600 words equal about two double-spaced pages. You should write in complete sentences, use paragraphs, spell check, and proofread. Also, for each assignment, EVERY word (including quoted words) count toward the total word count.


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