UC Denver Week 16 War and Crime Song Rock n Roll Show n Tell Discussion

his semester, our Final Project is Rock-n-Roll Show-n-Tell.

The goal of this activity is to see how questions about communication and citizenship are interlaced with popular culture and everyday life.

  • Each student will present an individual Show-n-Tell project to the class on the discussion page.
    • Each student will also need to submit your Show-n-Tell to the corresponding dropbox
  • The topic to present is a rock-n-roll song, with ideas related to communication and citizenship.
  • Includes a summary of how the song speaks to our course content on 21st century citizenship, from weeks 12 through 15.

Due Dates

Assignment Requirements

Step One: Select A Song

  • Select a song related to the course content from weeks 12 through 15
    • strong democracy, dr. King, or immigration concepts

Step Two: Written Summary for Class

Create a Summary for your Song, including:

  • the complete song lyrics for your song
  • a brief introduction of the band and your song
  • an explanation of how your song relates to specific course content covered.
    • be sure to reference three (3) specific course concepts
    • give specific examples

Also Include:

  • 2 interesting questions for the class about your “Rock-n-Roll, Show-n-Tell” project.
    • be sure the questions relate your song to specific course concepts about communication and citizenship
  • 2 images related to your song, course content, or your summary.
  • If necessary, attach your images to an MS Word Office 2003 document (.doc format) or and MS Power Point Office 2003 document (.ppt format) to your thread.


  • The written summary itself should be approximately two to three (2 to 3) pages long – no more!
    • (Imagine an MS Word document, double-spaced).
  • Images do not contribute to the required two pages of written content.
  • Song Lyrics do not contribute to the required page content

Please note, while this activity is called “rock-n-roll” show-n-tell,
all genres of music are welcome.

This assignment is a hoot!
Get creative and have some fun.

Assessment: Rock-n-Roll Show-n-Tell Grading Rubric

Your Show-n-Tell Must:

  • Include all required summary items
  • Make solid connections to course content
  • Display appropriate, thought-provoking images
  • Be a critical examination of the song in relation to course content
    • reference three (3) course concepts from weeks 12 through 15
  • Meet page requirements on written portion, 2 to 3 pages
  • Offer thoughtful questions to the class
  • Be posted on the discussion page, on time
  • Submitted in the dropbox, on time
  • Have a fun, creative interpretation of project
Rock-n-Roll Show-n-Tell Grading Rubricrock n roll starts here.jpg

Minimal, 0 – 69 points

  • Does not include all required summary items
  • Examines the song, but without relation to course content and not backed up with specific examples and citations of course material
  • Does not include appropriate images related to the song and course content, and no explanation of images
  • Does not offer questions to the class that move the discussion forward
  • Is posted on the due date to the Discussions
  • Meets requirements, but does not have a fun, creative interpretation, the project is simple or boring

Average, 70 – 79 points

  • Includes all required summary items
  • Examines the song in relation to course content, but does not offer, or only offers one specific example and citation of course material
  • Includes 2 appropriate images, but with minimal, specific explanation of the relationship of the images and the song and course content
  • Asks 2 questions to the class, but they are not specific and a critical examination of course content
  • Is posted on the due date in Discussions
  • Meets assignment requirements, but lacks a creative excitement for course ideas

Competent, 80 – 89 points

  • Includes all required summary items
  • Examines the song in relation to course material backed up with a couple specific examples or citations of the course material
  • Includes 2 appropriate images
  • Asks 2 interesting questions to the class
  • Is posted on Discussion page 1 to 2 days before the due date
  • Meets assignment requirements, shows creative spark with solid application of course ideas, project is interesting to review

Above Average, 90 – 100 points

  • Includes all required summary items
  • Critically examines the song in relation to course content, with thorough explanation of the critical connections to the song and course
  • Offers stimulating discussion questions to the class
  • Demonstrates creative interpretation of course material and excitement and passion, the project is fun!
  • Is posted at least 2 days before the due date on the Discussion page


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