San Diego City College Play Dough Modelling Activity Plan

Activity Plan

Please i want the activity in clear,simple and very easy language and the materials that gonna use it, also easy

I. Overall Information

1. Title of activity:
2. Multicultural/Diversity concept:
3. Two specific learning outcomes of the activity concept:
4. Describe how this activity explores or encourages the children’s feelings, attitudes, or understanding of a multicultural/diversity concept:

II. Sharing the Activity

1. Materials needed: be specific! You should include detailed information so your classmates can also prepare and present to their own children or preschool classroom. Don’t be generic… really try to be helpful in how you describe things.
For example, if your planned activity is to create a dramatic play area with different kinds of shoes… list all the kinds of shoes and other materials you will need, including a non-glass mirror and Tana Hoban’s Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

2. Directions for making/assembling/setting up the activity or exploration. If you need to make/construct some materials, be specific about how to make them. Tell your classmates what they need to do to bring this activity to success!

3. Describe what the children will actually do; how the children will participate in the experience. What might the teacher actually say to the children to guide them in this activity? For example, with our shoes example, teacher might introduce the activity at group time by reading the book Shoes, Shoes, Shoes and then describing what they will find in the dramatic play area. She might even suggest some possible “scripts” for exploring the materials.

III. Extensions and Resources

1. What’s one other activity, material, book, song, art activity, etc., that you might also share with the children to build on your activity or to expand their understanding?

2. Where did you find your idea? If it’s a book, please provide title and author. If it’s a website, please include the title and URL.


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