Saddleback College Week 6 Reggio Emilia Approach Discussion

Week 6 Discussion – Sharing Your Findings on Curriculm Models – Discussion Group 2


For our discussion this week, each student will research a curriculum model or approach. The curriculum models/approaches that can be researched are: HighScope, The Montessori Method, Waldorf, The Reggio Emilia Approach, The Project Approach, and the Outdoor Classroom Project.

  • Identify the curriculum model/approach you want to research. (The videos this week provided a brief introduction to the curriculum models.)
  • Research information about your selected curriculum model using academic sources. Find at least two appropriate scholarly sources for the model you have selected to research (e.g. scholarly journals, websites that end in .edu, .gov, .org or use google scholar to search). For research support please check out the Saddleback College library research support at . No Wikipedia or commercial websites (.com) or blogs, etc. will be accepted as academic research.
  • Based on your research, respond to the five questions below.


For your initial discussion post, you will review your research and summarize your findings, highlighting areas where your curriculum model stands out. Be sure to write information in your own words because you will submit your initial post to Turnitin for originality checking. Information that has just been copied / pasted from outside sources will not receive credit. In your responses to each other, you will compare and contrast findings about the various approaches to curriculum planning.

Please use the following guidelines for your initial discussion post:

  1. Name of the curriculum model that you researched.
  2. Provide a brief introduction to the Curriculum Model. Include information about the history or philosophy of the model, including how the approach started and gained popularity. (Should be about 10 sentences.)
  3. Describe distinctive characteristics of the classroom environment and teacher-child interactions. Consider the following questions: What does the classroom environment and materials look like? How is the day organized for the children? How do the adults interact with the children? What might set this model apart from other curriculum models? (Should be at least 10-12 sentences.)
  4. Explain what you consider to be the strengths of this curriculum model. What concerns might you have about this model? (Should be 8-10 sentences.)
  5. Provide at least two (2) citations to where you found the information, (these can be a book title and author, scholarly article title/author/publication. Website URL, etc.)


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