PSYA 329 University of Alaska Character Strength in The Movie Ghost Paper

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PSY A329 (Positive Psychology) Character Strengths in the Movies Paper

This assignment is worth up to 30 points. The assignment due date is listed in the course syllabus.


1. View the short video entitled The Science of Character (8:05 minutes in the folder for this assignment).

. Select one of your top five character strengths (based on your completion of the VIA Survey of Character Strengths (WEEK 2 LEARNING MODULE). If you forgot your character strengths, just click on the link to the survey and sign on and you should be able to view your results.

3. View the information on your character strength on the website with descriptions of character strengths.

4. Select a commercial movie focused on the character strength. For examples, see the document at “Films Centered on Character Strengths” in this folder. (Feel free to select a movie – approximately two hours in length – that is not listed that you feel is focused on the character strength you chose to write about.)

5. Please include the following in your paper, being sure to identify the character strength and movie focused on: • Two examples of how the character strength was depicted in the movie you viewed. Make sure to explain the examples so they make sense to someone who has not seen the movie. Be sure to cite the movie 1 and, 1 View a sample movie reference in APA format in the “Information on APA Style” folder in the folder for this assignment. 2 also, a source or sources to justify that the examples selected align with the published information on the character strength. • Provide one specific, real-life situation in which this character strength would be or has been useful to you and explain why. • How do you think an individual who is not high in this character strength could increase their level of this character strength? What would you tell or teach him/her or ask the person to practice to help this individual develop this character strength? • It is important that your paper be well organized (i.e., tell a coherent story), well written so that your ideas can be appreciated). Your paper should be written in your own words (to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and your writing ability). Remember to cite sources when you use information from other sources such as the movie or Week 3 readings. List an APA Style reference for each source cited on a separate page at the end of your paper.

Paper Format 1. Your paper should be double spaced, about 6 pages in length including the references.

2. Your paper should be in APA format include the in-text citations and references.) a. Readers may wish to follow up on some of the ideas discussed and will not be able to do so if you do not clearly identify the source or sources for each fact in your paper. b. A research paper without citations fails to document that any research was done.

3. Please do not hesitate to ask the instructor if you have any questions about APA format.

4. Keep the information in the Plagiarism Tutorial and Paraphrasing Quiz in mind. a. If you use another author’s idea, you must cite the publication. b. If you use another author’s exact words, you must enclose them in quotation marks, cite the author’s publication, and designate the location. c. It is not appropriate to copy another author’s exact words and replace a few words with synonyms. Instead, read the sentence(s) of interest and rephrase the information once the material is out of sight. d. If you do not adhere to the above criteria, you are guilty of plagiarism – a serious breach of academic conduct.

5. Please submit your paper in .docx, .rtf. or .pdf format. (I cannot open or view papers in .pages format.) If you have questions on how to download Microsoft Word, see the Technology Checkup link in GETTING STARTED on Blackboard. 3 6. Please submit the assignment as an attachment utilizing the assignment link provided on Blackboard. No assignments attached to e-mails will be accepted. Do not submit links to Google docs. Paper Grading Criteria 1. Demonstrating critical thinking and knowledge of the character strength focused on. 2. Adherence to the assignment instructions a. Papers should be written primarily in students’ own words b. Citation of a source or sources to support each factual statement in your paper and providing a list of references c. Demonstrating critical thinking and knowledge of the character strength focused on. d. Expressing ideas well (i.e., employing correct English usage, grammar, punctuation, and spelling). e. Adhering to APA style


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