PSY 3370 Troy Human & Animal Defense Behavior Comparative Research Paper

Students will pick an animal behavior. It can be a behavior covered in the textbook or another behavior. Pick an interesting behavior that you want to learn more about, or a funny behavior if you like. The student will describe the animal and the behavior in detail and then will answer the following questions: The final paper will end up being between 4 – 6 pages, depending on the animal behavior picked. This does not include Title Page, Abstract, or Reference pages. Make sure to be thorough in descriptions and answers, rather than concentrating on page numbers as much as possible.

  • What purpose does the behavior serve for the current generation of this animal species? What purpose did the behavior serve for previous generations of this animal species? What purpose could the behavior serve for future generations of the animal species? Describe in detail using research sources to answer.
  • Are there any problems related to the behavior? In other words, is this behavior at all dysfunctional? If so, describe them in detail. If not, move on to the next question. Describe in detail using research sources to answer.
  • Are there similar behaviors shared by other animal species? If so, describe the similar behaviors and which animals show the behaviors. Describe in detail using research sources to answer.
  • How is this behavior like or unlike any human behaviors? Describe in detail.
  • Conclude by describing what was most intriguing or fascinating about this behavior and animal species.

Paper should follow APA style, use 12 point font and be double spaced.

References should include research sources. The textbook may be used, but only in addition to other sources. There is not a set number of sources, however, at least two should be used.

*Any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will most likely result in a zero for the assignment.

Your paper must be submitted the TurnItIn link provided in Learning Modules in Canvas – it will be listed along with assignments you will see each week of the course. Do not email the paper. Once you have successfully submitted your paper, you will be able to view it.


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