PHL 2010 California State Polytechnic Central Principle of Utilitarianism HW

Hello! This is a PHL2010 assignment answering 6 short answer questions in regards to introduction of philosophy. All 6 short answers must be the length of half a page and double spaced. I have a document posted with the directions and the 10 available prompts to choose from, like I said you only need to answer 6 of 10 prompts of your choice. If you have any other questions please ask me! Thank you ?

PHL 2010

Spring 2020


Write a half-page double-spaced response to ONLY six of the following prompts. (Do not write on more than six, as only the first six responses will be read.}


  1. Explain the central principle of utilitarianism. Explain Kant’s categorial imperative. Give a scenario involving an action that would be permissible according to utilitarianism but impermissible according to the categorical imperative.
  2. Explain Euthyphro’s Dilemma. Give two examples of authorities (besides God or gods) that also fall afoul of this dilemma.
  3. Political philosophy. Explain Rawls’s two principles of justice. Does either principle require society to institute affirmative action? Why or why not?
  4. Explain Bell’s standard account of aesthetic experience. Give as convincing a counterexample as you can to this account. Which condition does it refute?
  5. Give a novel Gettier case. What does this show about the standard JTB account of knowledge?
  6. Suppose your friend plays the lottery and constantly says “I can never know that I won’t win.” Give an account of knowledge that supports this claim, without claiming total skepticism about the future.
  7. Philosophy of mind. Suppose you are watching a tv show in which there are real ghosts. Give three different ways of understanding their metaphysical nature.
  8. Explain Nussbaum’s cognitive theory of emotion. What kind of emotions does she take as paradigmatic?
  9. Explain logical positivism and why it was considered a threat to the possibility of metaphysics.
  10. Philosophy of religion. Explain the problem of evil as a trilemma.



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