Pasadena City College Analyzing the Credibility of Two Websites Essay

Homework Assignment: Analyzing the Credibility of Two Websites

Answer all questions completely. You should answer the questions in essay form, providing an ARGUMENT for why your “strong” website should be considered strong, and why your “weak” website should be considered weak.

  • Your essay should be a minimum of 1000 words (about 4 typed double spaced pages in 12 point font with 1 inch margins), not including your “Works Cited” section at the end of your essay.
  • Submit your essay as an attachment in any of the following formats, only: .pdf, .doc, .docx
  • Your essay will be automatically checked through the “Turn It In” system, so make sure that you are responsibly citing your sources, including quotation marks around quoted material, and using your own words for any summarizing or paraphrasing.

To complete this assignment, you need to have read through this module. The goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate an ability to distinguish a website with strong credibility and one with weak credibility.

ASSIGNMENT: Find two websites on the same topic, one of which has strong credibility and the other which has weak credibility. Answer the following questions about each of the websites.

  1. What is the topic of the website?
  2. Why is it important to establish credibility for this topic?
  3. How did you establish credibility for the website and the information provided? (Or, for the weak website, what is missing in establishing credibility?)
  4. Is there any opportunities for bias on the website? Explain.
  5. What is the goal of the website? Who is the target audience?
  6. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very weak, 10 being very strong), what numerical value would you assign to the credibility of the website? Briefly explain your answer.
  7. Provide a Works Cited area at the bottom of your essay, in MLA format, to indicate where you found the websites, and any other information pertaining to the websites. You must also cite your sources in the text of your essay, in MLA format.


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