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For this assignment Please provide meaningful feedback regarding the topic and discussion presented below. I am not asking for your opinion regarding grammar, or how it was written. I am asking your opinion on the topic, response, and issues presented in the 2 paragraphs below. Please respond with 220 words :

President Trump has argued an America First policy since he began campaigning. Many, many people believed this was what America needed after President Obama, especially the republican voters. I feel that this view will ultimately lead to the decline of the American economy and a new hegemon will take it’s place, possibly China who is not far behind us. When the United States adapted an isolationist theory before when Britain was the reigning hegemon power, the United States saw increased protectionism in global trading. This meant that trading barriers were enforced so strictly that imports and exports were taxed to where no one was spending their money; they were afraid to spend what little they had. The US also experienced economic chaos that accented the Great Depression and lead to political and military upheavel. Not many people alive today remember these times but we all learn about this era in grade school and we know that this was one of the United States lowest points in history.

If President Trump is able to achieve a neo-isolationist policy for the United States we will ultimately end up close to the Great Depression America. Being a hegemon helps create rules for the global economy, provides goods and services to the public to make sure that international trade stays open among countries and continues to lie stable. In order to do these things the hegemon must defend the seas to keep trade safe, provide the markets for different commodities, and provide loans to those countries in need. I think that all of these points are needed to keep America alive and on top of the economic totem pole. China funds must of our economy and if President Trump pulls away from this, our economy will come crashing down. I think that other strong military countries will see America turn in on itself and use this oppurtunity to strike. Unfortunately, we have already seen them strike from within our countries borders. Basically stating, I do not think we should embrace the America first way of thinking. It will have some major consequences that it seems no one is looking at or preparing for.


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