The question is are there hash tags that should be censored

Limited discussion of situation

oI’ve read it, so don’t waste a lot of space with this.

Extended Analysis including exploration of alternatives

oWhat would a Teleologist do?

oWhat would a Deontologist do?

oIs there an Aristotelian mean?

oAre there actual situations similar to this that you can draw upon from professional media, or your own experience?

Decision is CLEAR and well defended

oGet off the fence – decide. In the professional world you don’t get to avoid a decision.

oBack up your decision. As with the analysis, draw on the past.


The expectation is a perfect paper with zero typos, grammatical errors or awkward constructions. I should not be the first person to read your paper. Proofread, and ask someone else to do so as well. Every mistake is a deduction.

The paper should be the required length, which is 1,000 words. I used to assign a certain number of pages but then had students who played with font sizes, spacing and margins. I usually give students 10 percent leeway, so the paper should come in between 900 and 1,100 words. Too long is as bad as too short.


Writing is not just mechanics but the ability to string together coherent sentences and paragraphs in an organized way. The paper should not only be error-free (see mechanics above) but it should also be well-written.

Evidence of Reading or Discussion

Plenty of people can take a position on these cases without ever having attended this class. Your paper ought to demonstrate that you’ve gotten something from attending and reading, especially the material relevant to your case.

Reality Check

I do not grade based on whether you decide a case the way that I would. I do, however, deduct if I believe you propose an impossible or highly improbable solution. This is something that I rarely do but I want you to be aware that your decision ought to be based in reality.


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