Foundations of Counseling midterm essays questions

Each question minimum of 1.5 page long

These questions are connected with 2 books that I believe someone need has access t to do the assignment, but I have only hard copy.


Neukrug, E. (2016). The World of the Counselor: An Introduction to the

Counseling Profession, Fifth Edition. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

Corey, M. S., & Corey, G. (2015). Becoming a Helper, Seventh Edition. Pacific

Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

1.Using information provided in class and in your book regarding the differences and similarities of various professional identities and degrees (e.g. those in a Social Work Program, those in an Educational Psychology program, as examples), what is the professional identity of a student obtaining a MASTER’S degree in a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING program within a department of PSYCHOLOGY? Describe the issues that cause this professional identity to be unusual and complex. Please be sure to address issues relating to the words I have capitalized in this question.

2.Suppose that in your private life, you are a supporter of a particular candidate for president of the U.S. Imagine that your client works in the campaign of the opponent to the candidate you prefer. When you are in sessions with that person, how might your own opinions affect the therapy? How might you handle that? Aside: I am being vague. I am not asking about your personal political views but am using this question as an example of how your values and the client’s values may differ radically.

  • For the following vignette, pick 2 theoretical orientations discussed in class or in the textbook. On what would each theory focus and why?

At the present time I’m working in construction. I like building houses, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to stay in construction for the rest of my life. When it comes to my personal life, I’ve always had a rough time getting along with people. I suppose you could call me a “loner.” I like having people in my life, but I just don’t seem to know how to go about making friends or getting close to people. Probably the reason I sometimes drink a bit too much is because I’m scared when it comes to mixing with people. Even though I hate to admit it, when I’ve been drinking, things don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

  • Assume the client above is from a different cultural background than you (can interpret broadly: race, religion, etc., but identify difference specifically in your response). What would change in terms of your conceptualization or your work with him?


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