compare and contrast paper Steve Jobs

I picked Steve jobs but still can not figure out what to write and how should I research for !

I need more explanistion please

Write a 3-4 page double-spaced compare and contrast paper, using APA style, exploring how two ideologies are both compatible and discordant as revealed through the actions, events, or publications of your person of interest. Build your argument of how the two ideologies relate together in harmony and conflict with academically valid evidence (books, news articles, interviews). Please do so in a respectful way, as objectively as possible, that does not solely praise or criticize your subject.

Your person of interest should be someone who subscribes to at least two documented ideologies. Ideologies can be political (Liberalism, Conservatism, Anarchism, Free Market Economics, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, etc.), religious (Christianity, Buddhism, New Age, Atheism, etc.), or philosophical (Free Will, Determinism, Nihilism, Utilitarianism, Solipsism, etc.). You are welcome to get creative and pick any public figure as long as you can provide academically valid evidence (books, news articles, interviews) of their ideology in your writing.

Compare and contrast writing analyzes similarities and differences. Students are exposed to a wider variety of writing structures as they learn the classical organizational patterns of block arrangement versus point by point. The essay will be 3-4 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font, have a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion. Support your descriptions with examples and quotations using APA 6th Edition style (for both format and citations). The essay will be graded with the DOL Written Communication Grading Rubric.

Examples of Person of Interest and two ideologies:

Benjamin Franklin (you can’t use this one)
Puritan and Enlightenment Man

George W. Bush (43rd U.S. president)
Protestant and Compassionate Conservative

Barack Obama (44th U.S. president)
Social Liberal and Utilitarian

Steve Jobs (entrepreneur and inventor, Apple, Inc.)
Zen Buddhist and Capitalist

Beyoncé (artist, musician)
Activist(/Feminist) and Aesthetician (Artist)

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