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You have been accepted as a student intern at a residential facility that provides habilitation services for developmentally disabled adults. The adult population with which you will be working consists of residents with varying degrees of cognitive, developmental and intellectual disabilities. Because many of the residents’ conditions are chronic and long-term, progress is measured fractionally. You witness this progress first-hand. At times, you enjoy your work, while some days you feel discouraged. After completing your internship, the residential facility offers you a full-time position with a reasonable salary.

I need to answer this questions and I’m kind of stuck. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings with my answers I just answer a little bit so you have an idea where I come from.

Address the following in your discussion:

Will you accept the full-time position? No Why or why not? Because I already made my mind in the population that I want to work for. I do have a preference and plan A and B. What aspects of this job might you like or dislike?
(I am a a people person and i get very personal when it comes to help others) I would like that I am helping but I would dislike….. ??

Could you work in this setting? yes I can, but at this point of my life 2 careers later I am pretty sure what I want and how I want to direct my professional life. It is sure that I did a good job because they offer me a job but they deserved the best and I deserve to like my job as well.

Be specific. Give examples. APA style at least one reference

thank you


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