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Week 6 Forum: Cause and Effect Topic Selection

Forum Goal: Choose a topic for Essay #3 and explain why you chose it

Choose a topic for Essay #3, Writing to Show Cause and Effect. For your topic, you do not need to decide on a thesis statement yet, but you do need to consider a topic where you can show cause and effect. Your topic can be chosen from your major academic field or from your work life. For more ideas, take a look at the instructions for Assignment 3 (due Sunday of Week 8) posted below.

Then, respond in substantive detail to the initial posts of at least 2 other classmates.

It would be very helpful if you could post research ideas for Essay #3. Example—Siobhan writes that she wants to explore causes of ADD in children, and Li responds that she might want to try looking in the online library databases for the PSYC articles databases, and Juan notes that when he did a paper for this last semester, he found a great article, and here is the Works Cited citation, so that Siobhan can find the article.

Note that as you respond to other posters, you may want to be doing a little research on the library databases, which go far beyond the two or three that we have been using for the course and include things like the PSYC articles database and the Jane’s Military publications databases.

Instructions for Essay #3:

Essay #3: Writing to Show Cause and Effect

Write an academic essay where you show a clear relationship between cause and effect, with a topic chosen from your major field of study, your work life, or your personal life. Here are some examples of topics from your textbook and from successful student papers:

Causes of symptoms or conditions (medicine and health—autism, ADHD, cancer, sports injuries)

Causes of student success or failure, effects of teaching methods or tools (online learning, adult learners, returning students, homeschooling)

Causes of business growth and failure, marketing, business trends

Causes and effects of climate change, ecological change, scientific phenomena
(adapted from Russell 196)

You may have other ideas and are not sure how to use them in a cause and effect essay.
Feel free to ask about getting ideas to help shape your topic into a Cause and Effect framework.


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