MSU Protecting Confidentiality of Sexually Active Adolescents Discussion

After reading this article, write a 3-4 paragraph discussion of the article. When does the privacy of a minor superseded the rights of the parent? Are there conditions when the privacy of a minor should be protected? Are there conditions when a parent should be informed irregardless of the wishes of the minor? Be sure to relate this to the ethical theories in the textbook. You should do outside research for your post. Be sure to cite your sources properly and include an APA formatted reference list at the end of your post. You may not read other posts until you have made your own post.

  • You should briefly address both sides of the situation. It would not be a dilemma if there was not more than one solution. Be sure to discuss them both.
  • Then state what you would do and why. When you tell us what you would do, be sure to tell us which ethical theory in the textbook (pages 16-18) you are using to make your decision.
  • You are expected to do outside research to write your posts. You should use at least two peer-reviewed articles. You can find information about peer-reviewed articles under the module “Course Project”. Your post should use proper APA in-text citations. There should be an APA reference list at the end of your post. For more information about APA style writing, consult your APA Publication Manual (6th Edition) you should have for this course. This APA manual is the same manual you will use in most of your other course

ethical theory are

utilitarianism, duty-based ethics, rights-based ethics, justice-based ethics, virtue-based eithics

book- legal and ethical issues for health professions 4th edition


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