Moore College of Art and Design A Day Without Electronic Media Essay

” A Day Without Electronic Media ”

We live in a media saturated world, yet most of us don’t consider the effect it has on our lives. According to Danna Walker, Professor of Communications at American University, “Many of you are what researchers call “millennials”, those born between 1980 and 2000. Your generation will constitute the largest generation in American history. You will outnumber baby boomers by as much as 33%. Most of you grew up with computers and television in your home. You started life with VCR’s, CD’s, digital video, and MP3s. You were the first generation to link up to cell phones, instant messaging, and texting. Personal computers came of age when you were born and you grew up with the World Wide Web and e-mail. Not to mention Nintendo, Game Boy, Sony PlayStation, GameCube and Xbox. Yet although you are emotionally attached, educated, and savvy consumers of electronic media you don’t think much about it.


 For this assignment students will go without the use of electronic media for 8 hours.

 Your 8 hour span starts the moment you wake up and continues straight for 8 hours. At the end of your 8 hour “shift” you can use whatever media you like.

 At the end of this time students will write a 3-page paper detailing their experience and feelings regarding the experience.  Students must discuss how they spent their day

 Students must discuss how the absence of electronic media effected their communication with others. I want details.

 Students must discuss feelings, reactions, and thoughts regarding their day and the assignment.

 No late papers will be accepted for any reason. If you slip up or cheat you must start the 8 hours over again.

 I will know from reading your papers whether or not you really did the assignment. There are certain tell tale signs of those who really did it and those who fake it and try to write it like they think it should sound.

 If you fake it, I will give you an F.

 All papers must be a minimum of three full pages

 Proper format, spelling and grammar count

 Place your name, class name, instructor name, date and assignment name on your paper

 Must be typed, 12 point font, black ink

 New Times RomanSo, what do you have to go without? Here’s the list:No Cell phones No T.V.No VCR, DVD, DVR, TiVo etc… (Although you can set them up the night before to record what you’ll miss in your 8 hours and watch it after your shift is over)No CD’s, iTunes etc..No radio, no satellite radioNo Ipod or MP3 or like devicesNo video games, or hand held games or like devicesComputers of any kind, e-mail, instant messaging, texting, cell phone, or like devicesIf you have any questions please e-mail me and ask!


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