MKT 438 Phoenix Wk1 Public Relations in Marketing Discussion & Replies

1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Public Relations and Marketing department are often confused and sometimes work together.

Compare and contrast the typical public relations and marketing responsibilities. Discuss at least two similarities and two differences. What is the relationship between public relations and marketing?

2.Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

1. Both marketing and public relations are a planned process. In marketing you conduct research about the industry and the consumers, then once you have gathered data you use this information to produce the product and promote the business. While those who work in public relations research and gather their data to help change the prospective of consumers about a brand or product. The one of the difference between the two practices, is that marketing specialists don’t usually communicate directly back and forth with their consumers. In public relations even after the research is preformed and changes are made they still need to regroup and consider consumers opinion bout the changes before continuing their efforts. Our readings this week refereed to public relations as a two way street rather I feel that analogy suits the definition well. In Marketing decisions regarding research usually need to be made fast, while in public relations the process takes time and consideration before coming to a final decision. The two departments can often find themselves working together in a crisis.

2. Public relations typically represents the image or reputation of a company or person. The goal is to keep a favorable reputation so that the company can have loyal customers. Marketing involves promoting and selling of products or services. Marketing can consider the public relation side of the company as advertising should be consistent with the company brand. Wrong advertising can ruin a company’s reputation if it sends the wrong message. Any marketing done for a company will affect the revenue of a company as efficient advertising will produce more sales.

Two similarities between public relations and marketing would be that they are both designed to raise awareness of a company or product. Another is that both will target their message towards a particular audience. Two differences would be the costs – advertising will have a budget and public relations will not. Another difference is focus of the message. Public relations can involve promoting products, services, events, and the brand of an organization. Advertisements can focus on a specified brand or product especially if the company has a number of products (i.e. Proctor & Gamble).


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