MKT 435 University of Phoenix Definition of Dissociative Reference Discussion

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What is a dissociative reference group? In what way can dissociative reference groups influence consumer behavior? How does consumer behavior fit into the consumption process? Why is it important to marketing strategy?

Respond to the next two numbers in a couple sentense.

1.A dissociative refrence group is a cattogory that people do not want to be assoicated with. A example is having a shirt that has a person smoking even if it is just a every day common t-shirt. People may be less willing to socilize with you because they may think that your a smoker and not want to be accoisated. Consumer behavior can be dirrectly related to something like this. A example is a pharmacy selling tobacco. CVS looks a lot better by removing tabacco products in 2014.They actualy reported they innitaly only lost half a percent loss in sales but now are doing better than ever in sales and are actualy doing better than walgreens. This is a prime example of assoicating one thing to a entire company or assoication. It is important for a healthcare company to not sell things that are bad for the clients. What good is it if they are treating patients but then selling things that will reduce their paitents life span. It does not make a ton of sence and its important to bring this into a marketing plan because we want to make sure people think good things when thinking of our company,

2. A dissociative reference group are groups with negative desirability. They can influence behavior just as do those with positive desirability. Ex: teenagers tend to avoid clothing styles associated with older consumers. Consumer behavior is directly related to supply and demand. If more consumers are buying a specific product over time, the business should supply more of that product to keep up with the demand. The same exist vice versa, if the demand is small the product should be removed. Consumption of goods and services is a basic act that is performed by all of us whenever we purchase goods and services for personal and professional use. The economic aspect of consumption is the dimension which is concerned with consumption from a purely economic benefit point of view. In this dimension, the acts of consumption are motivated by a desire to accrue benefits in the form of material gains for satiating the human need for food, clothing, shelter and other aspects concerned with these dimensions.On the other hand, the symbolic perspective of consumption is concerned with the dimension of seeking to consume goods and services from the perspective of acquiring social status and for what can be described as “cool capitalism” where the tendency to belong to a certain group of consumers with the overriding benefit being the value attached to the symbolism of belonging to that group. Finally, the consumer cultural perspective of consumption is one where the consumer acquires goods and services to satiate ones needs not merely for basic consumption but more towards consumption as an ingrained phenomenon that seeks sensory gratification as an en


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