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The linked pdf is an outline of my speech. You must turn the outline into a speech thats about 5-7 min long. Feel free to message me. The speech must be based on the outline, most of the work is done.

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Title: Current strategies to tackle the student debt crisis in the United States.
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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on current strategies to tackle the student debt crisis in
the United States.
1. Attention Getter: There are many stories concerning the college tuition crisis. There is an
excellent problem regarding the accumulating loan by students. The amount of students loan is
more significant that credit card debt and car loans accumulated. The primary purpose of every
strategist is to find a way to solve the college tuition crisis. But the problem will be to define the
crisis. The disasters are increasing. The number of student debts, the interest being collated, and
the default rates are rising, which might be the definition of the crisis.
2. Central Idea: Students’ loan debt has been increasing every time, and the rate at which its
increase is worrying. There is a need to find ways to tackle the student debt crisis in the United
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3. Credibility Statement: The debt held by students is not the main problem. But the trajectories
show that the debt will grow in the future. There is a great need to reduce the cost of attending
school, enacting a law that will relieve students of the loans and cutting salaries to higher
education employees.
4. Preview of Points: There is a tremendous increase in the amount of debt held by students. The
debt has risen to the levels beyond the debt owed by credit card loans, and car loans
accumulated. The only way to deal with this is by reducing the high college/university fees,
enacting a long term law that will relieve the students of the debt, and cutting exaggerated
salaries paid to more senior education employees.
1. Main Point 1: Reducing rising college and university costs.
a. in more than 1600 state public institutions, the support from the government has been minimal.
There is a decreasing level of investment in higher education since the 1980s, as stated by the
(American council of Education). Increasing the support for public higher education will reduce
the costs of higher education, and many students will be able to support their Education and
avoid taking loans.
b. Cutting higher education subsidies in the name of reducing government spending and
privatization is making the Education expensive to afford by many students. Privatizing public
higher Education is not the solution. To reduce the number of debts held by students, the
government needs to make more top education public and more affordable.
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(Internal Summary/ Preview: Now that we know the primary cause of the rising debts by higher
education students is due to privatization of the Education, let us discuss how the senior salaried
higher education employees lead to the high cost of high Education.)
2. Main point: Cutting the salary advanced to higher education administrators.
a. Well, not everyone can agree to be given a lower wage, which will not compensate for the
services offered. But cutting the salaries of the higher education administrators to the minimum
wage will help deal with increasing costs of Education.
b. The administration should also be trimmed to the specified number. Employing a lot of staff
may increase the amount required to cater for their salaries. The burden will send to the students.
If the necessary number of staff is maintained at a minimum, the students will be required to pay
less, thus reducing the need to take loans for Education.
c. Using advanced learning and teaching technologies will reduce the cost of Education to its
minimum. Using means like online teaching will cut the need to procure additional facilities like
space for learning, thus lowering the cost of learning.
(Internal summary/Preview: Now that I have talked about how reducing pay for the teaching
staff may reduce the cost of Education, it is time we talk about how forming students’ movement
may bring the required reforms)
3. Main point: Establishing a student movement to push for reduced college education costs.
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a. Students are the target market by higher education. If the students are empowered and let to
push for change, the change will be evident. It is the students who know the source of increased
costs of Education, and they are the group that can voice it out.
b. The students can also delay enrolment for a year or two and give a chance for the higher
education administrators to think for the ways to reduce the cost of studies.
Summary: So, in short, the cost of higher Education is rising every year. If the trend continues,
the prices will be higher than expected in 1 or 2 years to come. There is a need to come up with
solutions to curb this crisis. The answer might be, cutting the salaries of higher education staff to
minimum wage, empowering students to fight for the fair price of the service, and engaging the
government is trying to cut the costs.
Review: Since the living standards are not going to decline, the cost of Education may continue
to rise if the intervention is not done. There is a need to engage all the organs associated with the
Education, from the school administrators, government, and the students towards finding the
Creative conclusion thought: Thee the best way to fight the crisis, is not but withdrawing the
debt loan, but by finding ways to reduce the cost of Education.
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