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This is part two of my assignment and I put my part one on the file.

Here is part two description.
Following statemates are from my professor and you need to read it carefully:

Ok – so this is going to take some REAL creative and imaginative thought…
You can do one of two things…

1. You can place these animal characters back into the story of the play you read – they are now animals – not humans – they have an animal environment – not a human one – and tell the story of the play from this perspective. Humans have been replaced with animals but the story is the same…it’s a third-person story…like a short story.

So – I know you only had to pick 3 – 5 characters to change from human to animal in the first part of this assignment – but now that we are putting them back into the story of the play – what would you like to do? There are several more characters that have remained in human form. Do these characters remain in their human form and interact with the animals you have converted or do you change the human characters remaining into animals as well? It is entirely up to you. And again – you are creating a short story based on the play. You are creating a world where these animals or these animals and humans live. The environment is animal…

You are not required – nor do I want you to – go line by line of the script – I am wanting you to stick with the story, just the story.

2. Create your own story. Animal characters/animal environment. Animal characters with human characters/animal environments…and here, the animal environment does not necessarily have to be realistic. And here – you are not restricted to the playwright’s storyline – here – you are the playwright. Again – in the third person. Again – like a short story.

And if you were to see this played out – what would it look like? Would it stay in short story form, maybe a radio play? reader’s theatre? short play? short film? animated short? Gove a detailed outline of how you think you would like this to look as a final product.

Have a blast with this! Don’t be intimidated by it! I am looking at this situation we are in as a challenge to open up my creative mind as well. Start taking notes in your journal when you have an idea…build upon that idea…see where it takes you. You are the creator of your work and I want you to feel free to experiment.


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