Friends University Applebees and TGI Fridays Consumer Behavior Project

Consumer Behavior Final Project

Pick two brands in the same category that are similar yet different enough to conduct a thorough consumer behavior compare and contrast analysis. For example, Friends University and Wichita State University or Applebee’s and TGIFriday’s. In both examples, the brands are in the same category and are similar yet different enough to do an analysis. If you are having a hard time finding differentiating factors, your brands may be too similar, and you should consider changing brands or categories. Don’t just pick two random brands. Give it some thought and read through the assignment requirement below before picking. Make certain you can conduct an analysis on the two brands you choose.

For each of the categories below you will identify the similar characteristics and the differentiating characteristics of your brands. Don’t make assumptions about your audience,provide details. The more detail you provide the better. The average paper should be 4-6 pages.

25 Points: Define each brand. What makes them similar? What are the differentiating factors between the two?

25 Points: Define each brand’s primary target market. Are there similarities in the target markets? Do they target the same customers? Are the any unique differentiating factorsbetween the two brand’s target markets?

25 Points: Define the decision-making process each brand’s target market goes through when choosing to make their purchase. Does it involve high or low consumer involvement?

50 Points: How do the two brands communicate with their customers? How are the targetmarket’s attitudes formed about each brand? Provide an analysis of one print ad (magazine, newspaper, billboard), one broadcast ad (radio or television) for both brands. If available, find a digital ad in a social media platform. Based on current circumstances, digital ads for some categories may be offline but traditional media ads past or present should be available.

25 Points: How does each brand develop and increase brand loyalty within their respective target markets?

50 Points: Based on your understanding of consumer behavior, what recommended strategies do you have for these brands? What would you do differently if you were the brand managerand your responsibility was to grow the brand’s awareness and loyalty among both current targetmarkets and new target markets?


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