Ferris State University Marketing Analytics & Google Analytics Exam Questions

Marketing Analytics

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following questions and submit in a single Word document or PDF through Blackboard.  Note that these questions do not necessarily have a “correct” answer.  Your responses will be evaluated on the depth of your response, strength of arguments and supporting evidence for your position.

  1. Distinguish between Web Analytics 1.0 and Web Analytics 2.0, as proposed by Kaushik in Web Analytics 2.0. Describe what you think Web Analytics 3.0 will entail.   (20 points)


  1. In Chapter 3, Kaushik describes “8 critical web metrics.” Do you agree with his list? What would your list of critical web metrics entail, and why? Discuss.  (20 points)



  1. On the last page is some output from Google analytics. From it, what insights would you provide to (a) the CMO and (2) a senior strategist. How do they differ, and why? (20 points)


  1. The issue of attribution weighs heavily on digital marketers. Why is attribution so important? Why is it so troublesome?  What are your thoughts on how to address the issue? (10 points)



  1. What is the single most important topic we covered in class (or which has the most impact for you personally)? How has your insight on this topic changed or improved? (10 points)


  1. Family Tree has undergone some changes since you last saw them. com is a subscription-based website that allows consumers to conduct genealogical research.  There are three levels of subscriptions, Basic, Premier and Ultra.  The company still spends approximately $4 per customer on acquisition marketing, but they have raised their prices across all of the membership levels based on a prior CLV analysis.  Their retention rates have also changed as they now spend approximately $2 per year, per customer, to retain their customers, and no longer offer customers receive their first month as a free trial.  Monthly prices, variable costs and retention rates are provided below. Make sure to show all work and calculations or no partial credit can be awarded for wrong answers.  Include an explanation for the CLV formula you used and why you used it.



Membership Level Monthly price Variable cost Monthly
retention rate
Basic $5.99 $1.50 75%
Premier $6.99 $1.75 45%
Ultra $7.99 $2.50 55%


  1. Calculate the customer lifetime value for a NEW customer at each level of membership, using a monthly discount rate of .01. (10 points)
  2. Based on these numbers, what are your recommendations regarding the marketing of the various membership levels? (10 points)


Question 5 topic covered in the class

Part I: General Marketing Analytics  





MBTN Recommended Completion


Class Week

All dates are Tuesday, the normal day for live class if held

Personal Introductions


Sign up for MBTN

Discussion Boards / Blackboard familiarization




April 7


Share of Hearts, Minds, and Markets


FBPR Ch.1 & 2 Market Share Metrics I  



April 14

Margins and Profits


FBPR Ch. 3 Market Share Metrics II


Intro to Margins



April 21

Customer Profitability


FBPR Ch. 5 Calculating Margins


Breakeven Analysis



April 28

Advertising & Promotion Metrics

Case Study 1 Assigned

FBPR Ch. 8 & 9 Customer Lifetime Value I and II  


May 5

Mid-Term Posted May 12th – Due May 19th  
Part II: Advanced Digital Marketing Analytics  





MBTN Recommended Completion


Class Week

All dates are Tuesday, the normal day for live class if held

  Intro to Web KPI’s and Metrics


FBPR Ch. 10

Kaushik Ch. 1 & 3

Promotion Profitability





May 19


Clickstream Analysis: Practical Solutions

Measuring Success

Case Study 1 Due

Case Study 2 Assigned




Kaushik Ch. 4 & 5

Advertising Metrics

Web Metrics




May 26


Testing and Experimentation

Emerging Analytics






Kaushik Ch. 7 & 9



Marketing Experiments I & II  


June 2






Advanced Principles and Attribution

Final assessment posted




Kaushik Ch. 12


Discussion Board



June 9



Basic Google Analytics

Case Study 2 Due


Complete Basic Google Analytics Academy and earn certificate



June 16



Advanced Google Analytics


Complete Advanced Google Analytics Academy and earn certificate

All MBTN Modules Must Be Completed by 5:00PM on June 19th  


June 19 (Friday)


  Final Assessment due by 5:00 PM June 19 (Friday)




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