Factors Influencing Human Socialization Paper

For this assignment explain topic 1 then and Now and topic 2 comparing the decades . You need the book Textbook: Berns, Roberta. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community/Socialization and Support, 10th edition). Thomson/Wadsworth publishing.so you can include the in text citations, and APA style .I Do not have the book so only bid if you can get the book . We are on chapter 1 your explanaton should be 200 words each topic

Topic 1- Then and Now

In your own words, please explain what does “then” Has to do with “now”?

Base on your explanation, please analyze and evaluate factors that both positively and negatively influence the socialization of the child today in our society. Please support your discussion by referencing appropriate textbook materials for your analysis and evaluation. Include correct APA style in-text citations.

Topic 2- Comparing the decade

Compare the decade you grew up with those of your parents and grandparents:
a) What technological changes occurred?
b) How did each generation entertain itself?
c) What were the adult aspirations of each generation?
d) How did different periods affect families, schools, communities?
e) Describe the characteristics of the value of each generation?

Then (1) discuss the interrelationship between child, family, and community (2) Synthesis/evaluate factors that both positively and negatively influence the socialization. Using correct APA format to reference appropriate text materials.

Please write in your own words, no plagerism no copy and paste read the chapter and answer the questions the topic 1 and topic 2.

Here is an example of how to post and how to integrate supporting references from the chapter and how to do correct APA in-text citations from the textbook:

Nowadays, in some cultures, parents are more involved and concerned with the development of their children, unlike other generations. Parents from other generations often let their children be molded by their environment and experiences. “Modern parents are more aware of intentionally instilling certain important values into the mindsets of their children, in other words, intentional socialization” (Berns, 2016, p.12).

As stated by Roberta Berns, “the more technological and diverse the society, the more children have to learn in order to adapt effectively” (2016, p.13). The criticality of society has had a negative impact on the development of children to the point in which they have to worry about not being accepted because society labels them as a freak or weird. Overall, our history is and will always help us to see what and what not to do to better ourselves as a community, which in turn betters us and future generations.


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