Excelsior College Public Health Program Development as A Director Case Study

You have been hired as the Director to develop that program! Write a 6-8-page paper (not including cover page or reference pages) describing the agency you will lead to provide this educational program. You must include at least three peer-reviewed articles in your paper. The paper should include the following major areas:

    • Here are some topic ideas ( for the program)
    • Community Gardens in low socioeconomic communities- providing a relaxing environment and access to healthy fruit and vegetable. Public health program can improved chronic conditions such as Heart disease, Diabetes or High Blood pressure
    • Pet Therapy-to reduced anxiety, PTSD, HBP
    • or can can select any other topic you like

Describe your new program.

Clarify if this is an existing program found in the scholarly literature or a credible source or a new program you would be developing. Explain your choice.

Describe the theoretical underpinnings for the program. Your selected program must have a theoretical component. If it is an existing program, please explain the theory that was used to develop the program. If you are developing the program, please identify a theory that you would use to guide development. You must link the selected health behavior and target population to the theory.

Describe the program activities/components and how they link to the health behavior, target population and theory. Explain how the program activities/components incorporate health education and health promotion. Provide examples of health education and health promotion messages that the target population will be exposed to. Please be as detailed as possible when describing your program activities/components.

  • Select an appropriate setting.

For your new program describe the ideal setting choice, why it would be a good choice based on the demographics, resources, and backgrounds of your target population.

  • Write a mission statement.

Write a one-page vision statement that outlines ethical principles, theories, and philosophies that are important to the vision of the program and guided your development of the program. (read D’Angelo article for guidance).

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