CSUN Underdiagnoses and Treatment of Depression in Older People Paper

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I need an essay by May 13, 2020 with the following details:

– Topic – Ask a question that pertains to Gerontology (study of aging/old age) and provide an answer in essay format (file attached)

– 3 to 5 pages

– APA format

Term Paper Requirements Due Date: May 13, 2019 by 11:59 PM
Main Objective of Term Paper:
1) Explore in-depth your personal interest in Gerontology;
2) Demonstrate expertise in that specific area in Gerontology.
Ask a question that pertains to Gerontology, then provide “an answer” using empirical results from
professional publications. Peer-reviewed literature from other scientific domains may be used (e.g.,
developmental psychology, personality/social psychology, health, community, medicine & nursing (palliative
care), public policy).
· Topic/Questions must be pre-approved
· Length: 3-5 pages
· Three articles from professional journals that report research studies (not popular magazines or
· APA Format
· Present your paper in poster form (5 minutes)
Introduction: (5 Points)
Explain why you chose your research question and why it is an important one. Provide a basic overview of
the topic (i.e., definitions, where might you encounter topic in life, frequency of topic, general research done
on topic). Provide a hypothesis of what you expect to find.
Method: (3 Points)
State the type of experiments/studies that were conducted in each of the publications used. What
questions were asked? What was being measured? How was it being measured? How will the methods
provide answers to your question? Who did they sample? For instance, 200 undergraduate students from a
liberal arts college were surveyed. Likert scales surveys were used to measure well-being, a higher score
meant more positive sense of well-being; the participants were judged by three independent observers for
anxious behaviors, the higher the rating meant that they were exhibiting greater anxious behaviors according
to the judges.
Results and Discussion: (10 Points)
Explain the results and discuss them. What is your interpretation of the results? How does everything fit
together? What did you learn? What did you gather from results? Where there any surprises? The results
and discussion should be “the bulk” of your paper. Add whatever you think is appropriate to support how
you formulated your conclusions.
Limitations and Future Suggestions: (3 Points)
Discuss any limitations encountered by the studies you reviewed in your paper. Provide suggestions about
the possible future implications of the research and what can be improved upon. Suggest a more “ideal”
future study that would fill in some hole in knowledge.
Conclusion: (3 Points)
Short synopsis of what you learned (about a paragraph).
References and APA Format: (1 Points)
Cite all references used (APA format).


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