COM 101 Ashford University Week 5 Personal Communication Skills Paper

Week 3 – Assignment

Outline of Personal Communication Skills Assessment Portfolio and Draft of One Section

See Week 5 for details regarding the Final Assignment draft. Students will submit an extended outline (with at least three bullet points for each letter A-G or A-F) for two of the listed modes of communication, as well as a complete draft for the one remaining mode of communication from the three identified in the Final Assignment description.

Your written assignment:

Week 5 – Final Paper

Personal Communication Skills Assessment Portfolio

In this final assignment, you will assess your skills in interpersonal, group/organizational, and technologically mediated communications based on your studies of these forms of communication. Address each of these forms of communication separately in the portfolio, assessing your overall skills in this area and then specifically addressing the issues listed below. Also, apply at least four of the theories or models of communication you have studied in the course, primarily discussed in Chapter 2 of the text. You may integrate these theories and/or models into any of the three major sections of the paper that you wish, but it is suggested that you apply at least one model or theory in each of the three major sections. Your portfolio should address the following:

    • Interpersonal Communication:
      • Your overall skills in this form of communication.
      • Your spoken language skills.
      • Your listening skills.
      • Your relationship skills.
      • Issues discussed in the Relating Through Communication Assignment.
      • Issues relating to interpersonal communication discussed in the Comparing Modes of Communication Assignment.
    • Group/Organizational Communications:
      • Your overall skills in these forms of communication.
      • Five characteristics that would describe you.
      • Group/organization roles you play most frequently.
      • Are you at all territorial? How do you show your territoriality?
      • Do you have a large or small “personal space bubble”? How does this affect your communication with others?
      • Families are groups with definite roles, structure, and norms. Analyze your family communication and your skills in this area.
    • Technologically Mediated Communications:
      • Your overall skills in this form of communication.
      • Your technological skills as they related to TMC.
      • Your communication skills as they relate to TMC.
      • Your preferred channels for TMC and how you use them.
      • The social issues raised by the recent increase in TMC.
      • Issues relating to TMC discussed in the Comparing Modes of Communication Assignment.
      • What kind of TMC application or service that does not currently exist do you wish did and how would you make use of it?



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