Chemical Safety Systems Safety and Mechanical Integrity System Worksheet

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Systems Safety l Spring 2020

(3 points each)

  1. Identify three items that should be part of the mechanical integrity system as required during Process Safety Management Implementation.



  1. What are three of the functions of the Chemical Safety ad Hazard Investigation Board?




  1. Identify three site mechanics overview after-action requirements to be done during a Process Safety Management audit?



  1. What is the Management Oversight and Risk Tree technique used for?




  1. What if the primary advantage of the Mort chart?



  1. How may items are available on the MORT chart for review?




  1. Identify four working conditions that should be reviewed on a Change Analysis worksheet.




  1. What is probably the most frequently used choice during Change Analysis when comparing accident to comparable situation.




  1. When using fault tree analysis, what is the mathematical calculation applied to the and gate and to the or gate?



  1. What is the purpose of Fault Tree Analysis?




  1. When using Fault Tree Analysis, what are the three particular types of component failures to be examined?



  1. Identify four types of analysis that an FMEA is used for.




  1. What are the two types of FMEAs?



  1. What is an Event Tree Analysis?




  1. When using Binary model for Event Tree Analysis how do you trace successes and failures?




  1. How do you determine probability of each path of and ETA?




  1. How do you determine probability of systems success?



  1. What is the focus of FTA in ‘bow-tie’ model?




  1. What is focus of ETA in ‘bow-tie’ model?



  1. Why are people (human reliability) much more difficult to analyze than hardware?




  1. In the System Safety Precedence what items are in the lowest are of controls?



  1. Identify two examples of natural behavioral stereotypes.




  1. Identify three examples of learned stereotypes.



  1. Identify three human factor errors made by designers.



  1. Identify two types of deductive tree analysis methods.



  1. What are the three areas that a Preliminary Hazard Analysis technique covers.




  1. What is the purpose of an ETBA?



  1. Identify three products that ETBAs can be used to help prepare.




  1. FMEA hardware analysis concentrates on what three areas?



  1. What are the inputs needed in the RAC and the Frequency columns on FMEA?




  1. In MORT analysis what does the color blue indicate and what needs to be done to resolve this type of classification.



  1. In MORT analysis what does the color black indicate and how is this information reviewed.



  1. Identify four post-accident actions reviewed by MORT analysis technique. (4 points)




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