Capella University Health Production Analysis


This assessment has three main parts:

1. The first part is your examination of the organization’s current practices and alignments with historical health

care trends, as well as how the organization needs to change to align itself with current and emerging trends.

2. The second part is your analysis of two existing programs that could be candidates for further investment

(Note: You may use two program examples from your textbook, your own research, or your own organization

as the context for your analysis and this executive summary.).

3. The third part is your proposal on how to allocate resources for the two programs, as well as a brief

explanation of how the views of the stakeholders influenced your decision making project.

If you have not already, it may be helpful to complete the formative activity to check your understanding of the

economic concepts relevant to this assessment.

Economic Elements in Health Care | Transcript.

Consult the scoring guide to make sure you are meeting the communication criteria and achieving your desired

rubric level.

Part I: Current State of Organization and Potential Changes to Align with Trends

Describe the current state of a health care organization with regards to alignments to historical health care

industry trends. (Competency 1)

For this, use either an organization that you currently or previously had worked for, have researched as

an organization you would like to work for in the future, or one that was present in the textbook or

other research you conducted.

Explain how a health care organization needs to change to better align itself with current trends in the health

care industry. (Competency 1)

Continue using the organization that you described to meet the first scoring guide criteria.

Part II: Analysis of Current Programs

Analyze two current programs in a health care setting with regards to the inputs required to operate and its

outputs with regards to health outcome rates and patients served. (Competency 3)

As noted in the instructions above, you may use program examples from your textbook, your own

research, or your own organization. Be sure you choose examples for which you can report the inputs,

outputs, and approximate patients served.

Part III: Resource Allocation and Stakeholder Reflections

Propose whether to reallocate, maintain, or increase funding for current programs based upon available

resources and projects outputs. (Competency 4)

Use the two programs you analyzed in Part II. It will be helpful to cite evidence (literature, your

textbook, or current health improvement initiatives [like those being pursued via your state’s

Department of Health] to help support your proposals.

Explain how opinions and agendas of stakeholders influence decisions related to the funding of programs in a

health care setting. (Competency 4)

Make explicit reference to the stakeholders and their statements in the Scenario section for this

assessment, or to specific examples from your current or former career experiences.


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