Bryant and Stratton College Week 7 Pros and Cons of Drug Courts Quiz

Part 1

To learn more about treatment for use substance use disorder and the criminal justice system, use the following weblinks (one of which is an opinion-based piece). You might also conduct an internet search of your own:

Then in your initial post, please address the following:

  • Summarize the pros and cons of drug courts and court mandated treatment.
  • Describe some of the components or principles of an effective drug treatment program.
  • Finally, explain your own personal opinion. Do you personally believe that drug courts and court mandated treatment are effective?

part 2

Create a vision board with case management as the theme. Start by doing an Internet search on “vision board” or “career vision board” to learn more about what it is. (Here is one example website.)

Be creative! Feel free to use PowerPoint, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher, etc. From chapter 11, examine the eight themes of case management today:

  • the performance of multiple roles
  • organizational abilities
  • communication skills
  • setting-specific knowledge
  • ethical decision making
  • boundaries
  • critical thinking
  • personal qualities.

Try to incorporate these themes into your vision board by finding visuals or statements which represent each theme. You can also incorporate your personal mission statement into the board.

Initial post:

  • Post your vision board within your initial post.
  • Explain your choices of inclusion to your classmates, including how you incorporated the themes of case management.
  • Assess the value of creating a vision board and their effectiveness from a clinical standpoint.


  • In your responses, express your thoughts about the vision boards.
  • Discuss what you really like about it and how it may inspire you.

Part 3

Compare and contrast your concept of counseling and case management, examining what you believed prior to taking this course and your concept of case management now.

  • How has your perception of the counseling field changed as a result of taking this course?
  • What are your predictions regarding your role in the counseling field in the years to come?
  • Summarize what you have learned this session about the range of vulnerable populations you might work with in the field of case management.
    • Were there any client populations you were surprised to learn you might be working with?
    • After taking this course, are there any vulnerable populations you are particularly excited or hopeful about working with?

Your response should be submitted in a Word Doc at least 250 words in length.

Part 4

  • Thinking about the eight themes of case management, assess which theme you think is the strongest for you. Which do you think is your weakest? Explain your reasoning.
  • Burnout is something that affects many case managers due to the level of stress. Consider ways in which you would prevent burnout from affecting you.



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