Auburn University Social Media and Business Strategic Management Paper

answer below three discussion question

1. How could an organization use social media to promote ethical behavior, culture, and communicate the organization’s values? What are the advantages and dangers of social media in this pursuit? How would you handle the situation if you were in charge of the social media in your organization?

2. Choose one option to answer (and reply three students’ discussion)

Option A:

a. In the summary of It’s all Politics, how is politics defined? [1 point]

b. The summary discusses five key areas of political development (i.e., intuition, insight, persuasion, power, and courage) and offers suggestions for how to improve each of these skills. Choose one of the skills that you believe to be the most important to develop for your own growth as an employee or manager, and discuss why you chose the particular skill and how you can use it in your work life. If you do not agree with any of these skills (which is fine), discuss why and your thoughts against these skills. Side note: Be sure to reflect upon the “Political Power: Courage Versus Suicide” section before attempting to use any of these skills and tactics. [1 point]

c. How does this reading relate to the Power reading? Discuss. [1 point]

Option B:

Reflect upon the summary of The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One that Isn’t.

a. Sutton points out that the jerks (I am using jerk instead of the word in the title) may also suffer as victims of their own abuse. Many of you have probably worked with a jerk as described in this reading at some point. Had you ever considered that these people may actually end up being their own victims as discussed in the reading? What are your thoughts on this (e.g., agree, disagree, etc.)? Discuss. [1 point]

b. How can you use the advice given in the “How to Survive Nasty People” section in your own work life? Discuss. [1 point]

c. What is a major takeaway from this reading? Discuss. [1 point]

3. Read the Chapter 10 Mini-Case: The Imperial CEO, JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon. ( reply to one student)

Respond to question 1How well do you think the governance system of JPMorgan Chase is working in protecting shareholder interests?


Respond to question 3What do you recommend to improve the governance system specifically for JPMorgan Chase but also overall relative to the system of governance devices described in Chapte


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