Ashford ?Impacts of HR Professionalism on Large Scale Combat Operations Essay


A. General Instructions. Write a information paper on the major impacts to HR Professionals in accomplishing one of its HR Core Competencies and its Key Functions in support of Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO). Your information paper should address the differences on how your chosen HR Core Competency is accomplished today versus how we would conduct them in LSCO. Your paper must address doctrinal concepts from FM 3-0. You must use specific concepts in FM 3-0 and correlate them to specific examples or details of the HR Core Competency and Key Functions of our current doctrine.

B. Grading: This assignment is worth 1 5% of your final grade. Refer to the enclosure, Writing Assessment Form for grading standard. Final grade with feedback will reflect in Blackboard.

C. Specific Instructions:
1. Remember you are in the school environment as a student. All work will be

original and your own. In this academic environment, plagiarism is not acceptable

and will result in disciplinary action.

  •  Paper will be 1-2 pages in length.
  •  Use Arial font; size 12 point; 1-inch margins.
  •  Army standard defines good writing as “understandable in a single, rapidreading and generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage.”

 Office symbol will be ATSG and the approved by line an instructor for the


2. References:

  •  Army Regulation 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence forstyle and format
  •  Department of the Army Memorandum 25-52, Staff Action Process andCorrespondence Policies, Refer to Figure 19 for Information Paper format.
  •  Student Text 22-2, Leader Communication
  •  FM 1-0, Human Resources Support
  •  FM 3-0, Operations3. Use the upload link on your assignment tab to submit the completed paper.4. The assignment is due on the date and time on your course schedule. Late submissions will have points deducted.

Write in your words and do not cut and paste

from the regulations or field manuals.

Writing Assessment Form

Student Assessment

Faculty Assessment

Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Focus (30 pts)
30 pts 21-30 pts 11-19 pts 1-10 pts 30 pts
-Stays on topic and fully answers question/or focused information. -Shows a clear awareness of task and/or audience -Adequately stays on topic and sufficiently answers the question/information.
-Shows adequate awareness of task / audience.
-Does not stay on topic in some areas/does not fully answer the question.
-Shows minimal awareness of task/audience.
Content (40 pts)
25 pts 21-30 pts 11-19 pts 1-10 pts 25 pts
-Includes excellent relevant details. Fully explains details in own words and relates details back to original question.

-Demonstrates a clear purpose for Writing.

-Includes a sufficient amount of details and adequately explains them in own words/relates them back to original idea or question. -Adequately demonstrates a purpose for writing. -Includes some details, has limited explanation in own words/does not fully relate them back to the topic. -Does not adequately demonstrate a purpose for writing.
Organization (10 pts)
25 pts 21-30 pts 11-19 pts 1-10 pts 25 pts
-Has clear introduction and conclusion.
-Uses transitional words and phrases.

-Has a clear flow of ideas throughout writing

-Has an adequate introduction and conclusion.
-Uses some transitional words or phrases.

-Has an adequate flow of ideas throughout writing.

-Does not have a clear introduction/conclusion. Uses few transitional words or phrases. -Has some flow of ideas in some parts of the writing.
Conventions (10 pts)
10 pts 8-10 pts 4-7 pts 1-3 pts 10 pts
-Has zero to a minimal (4-5) amount of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and sentence formation errors.
-Writes in active voice.
-Has some (5-9) grammatical, spelling, punctuation and sentence formation errors.
-Mostly writes in active voice.
-Has a moderate (10 or more) grammatical, spelling, punctuation and sentence formation errors. -Mostly writes in passive
Style (10 pts)
10 pts 8-10 pts 4-7 pts 1-3 pts 10 pts

-Uses language and diction (formal or informal)

-Uses appropriate diction (formal or informal context)

-Inadequate use of appropriate diction.


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