AIU General Psychology Computer Literacy of Adults Discussion Response

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The information that I am looking up is based on the degree I am seeking. I am enrolled in General Psychology. So, my subject is computer literacy of adults. My search for five articles started by going to the databases and pulled up PsycINFO at Walden Universities library. In this search I found a wide range or information and had to narrow the search. I also narrowed the search by date to articles that were no older than four years old. The keywords that I used were computer literacy and adults. I was not happy with the results that I found and switched to a general Thoreau search on the main search bar. I again used the key words of computer literacy and adults. I also changed the words around and used adult computer literacy. This is where I found the articles I chose to use.

I chose the articles that are referenced below based on my subject. I felt they are all related to the subject of computer literacy of adults. I have not fully read through the articles yet. So, the next move is to read through them closer (critically) and see what I learn.


Seo, H., Erba, J., Altschwager, D., & Geana, M. (2019). Evidence based digital literacy class for older, low-income African-American adults. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 47(2), 130-152.

Sharp, L. A. (2018). Collaborative digital literacy practices among adult learners: Levels of confidence and perceptions of importance. International Journal of Instruction, 11(1), 153-166.

Taylor, A. (2017). Social work and digitalization:(Tour, 2017) Bridging the knowledge gaps. Social Work Education, 36(8), 869-879.

Tour, E. (2017). Teachers’ personal learning networks (PLNs): Exploring the nature of self-initiated professional learning online. Literacy, 51(1).

Weber, H., Hillmert, S., & Rott, K. J. (2018). Can digital information literacy among undergraduates be improved? Evidence from a experimental study. Teaching in Higher Education, 23(8), 909-926.


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