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Hiring Process:

As sellers on platform need to pass certain qualifications in order to sell their products, SkulEssay writers also need to complete the following qualifications in order to be considered.

  • Provide necessary and accurate personal information.
  • Tell us about your professional skills and your writing experience.
  • You must complete and pass this 30-minute test.
  • Provide a sample essay that shows proper knowledge of style, structure and proper English.
  • Submit a copy of your diploma or proof of higher education and copy of your ID.

Much like how customers on platform can rate sellers that they’ve directly purchased products from, we only use real testimonials from users who’ve actually received a finished essay.

This way every rating and review is a genuine reflection of that user’s experience for other users to view.

Manage account:

On an online platform customers can create personal accounts through which they can manage all transactions and pending bids. The same goes for SkulEssay.

Once a customer creates a personal account, they can use their account to collaborate with their writer, make any updates they wish and release money once they’re completely satisfied.

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