706 Communication and Collaboration for Healthcare Leadership Assignment 3: Assessment of Course Learning and Individual Development Plan

706 Communication and Collaboration for Healthcare Leadership


Assignment 3: Assessment of Course Learning and Individual Development Plan


The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to integrate your learning from this class into a plan for your continued development as an emerging DNP leader.

Objectives (links with course SLOs 1 through 6)

These are concisely outlined directly below as course objectives in the directions section.


Take the four most influential course objectives for you and review your learning and influence on your practice to date.

The course objectives are:

  • Use advanced communication skills and processes to lead change initiatives in healthcare systems.
  • Employ effective collaboration and teambuilding skills in professional practice, including leading interprofessional teams in analysis of complex issues and practice improvement.
  • Develop and sustain relationships with professionals and patients to improve patient outcomes.
  • Guide, mentor and support other nurses to achieve excellence in nursing practice.
  • Lead care initiatives with an understanding of current leadership models and applicable technology.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to diverse organizational cultures and populations, including patients and providers.


Then, recognizing your learning gaps, translate that information into an individualized plan for your continued development as a leader. To do this, locate a credible template of your choosing to use to guide you in the steps for development of your plan. You must have a time frame referenced in the template you choose. Please be sure to cite this template in your reference list.

This paper is an essay-type format that requires an introduction and conclusion. Please differentiate, using bold sub-headings or a new page, a section for each objective summarizing: the impact on your learning in this area; the influence it has had on your professional practice; and how you will continue to grow and develop in this area. Please include specific actions that you can undertake to continue to grow and develop your talents and skills (e.g. take a class to enhance knowledge base; lead morning huddles to identify quality and/or safety issues; become engaged in Diversity Council efforts, etc.), along with a reasonable timeframe to accomplish each action step and/or goal.


Please know that all content will be kept strictly confidential. Your writings should be consistent with doctoral level expectations. The journals should not be more than 10 double-spaced pages. Title page and reference pages are needed. Please use size 12 font, and Times New Roman or Arial. It is acceptable if you choose to write in the first-person due to the personal nature of this assignment.


Please include a complete reference list and cite all sources to support your personal improvement plan action steps and timeframes.



Your assignment will be graded on content and thoroughness of addressing every element in the directions as outlined. Please upload your assignment into the DropBox.


Criteria and total points Student points
Writing:  25 points

  • Brief introduction to the contents of the paper.
  • Review of your learning related to the four course objectives.
  • Impact of learning on professional practice.
  • Summary of specific personal development for future growth on identified action plan.
  • Clear conclusion offering synthesis of thinking.
Scholarly writing: 5 points


  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Well-constructed sentences and paragraphs.
  • APA format



Total points possible = 30 points  






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